Kids 4 Truth Club

Kids 4 Truth Club is an exciting children's club that teaches systematic theology to children in a fun and exciting way.  It is helpful to consider our overall approach to children's ministry.  Our Sunday School emphasizes biblical theology (what each book of the Bible and it's contents/stories teach).  Kids 4 Truth emphasizes what Scripture says as a whole concerning things like God, man, Christ and salvation.  We believe this is a healthy and necessary diet for young children. 

Every child receives an age appropriate club book and cinch bag/tote for badge awards.  Each week the clubbers are committing to memory a biblical answer to life-questions as well as a verse that forms our biblical answer.  Each student will cover 12 doctrines in 2 years and learn more than 70 bible answers/verses. 

What is unique about Kids 4 Truth is that every student is learning the same question/answer at the same time.  This allows us to spend focused time teaching and helping students understand and apply the truth they are learning.  It also equips families to lead and disciple their children easily in the truth of God's Word.