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Motivation for Life

Date: 11/30/14

Preacher: Ben Murray

Striving Together In Relationships

Date: 11/23/14

Preacher: Steve Von Bokern

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Date: 11/16/14

Preacher: Joshua Brassard

The Lord''s Supper

Date: 11/09/14

Preacher: Steve Von Bokern

Missionary Ken Fielder

Date: 10/26/14

Preacher: Ken Fielder

Christians And Modesty

Date: 10/19/14

Preacher: Steve Von Bokern

Missionary Jerry Mullendore

Date: 10/12/14

Preacher: Jerry Mullendore

Rejoice In The Lord

Date: 09/28/14

Preacher: Leonardo Mallari

A Passion For The Presence Of God

Date: 09/21/14

Preacher: Chris Miller

Missionary To Italy

Date: 09/14/14

Preacher: Joey Tacon

Striving Together When We Face Difficulty

Date: 09/07/14

Preacher: Steve Von Bokern

Making A Difference

Date: 08/31/14

Preacher: Bruce Frye

Loving, Losing, And A Living Lazarus

Date: 08/24/14

Preacher: Jason Pursell

Striving Together For The Cause Of Christ

Date: 08/17/14

Preacher: Steve Von Bokern

Joyous Journey Of Faith

Date: 08/03/14

Preacher: John Winders

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