About Lifeway

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Lifeway Baptist Church was organized in the spring of 1973 when a group of people got together with a vision of starting a church. Weekly meetings were first held on Wednesday evenings in their homes. The first Sunday service was held on April 15, 1973 at the home of Bill & Rita Headley on Ritter Street. There were 37 in attendance at that first service. Sunday services were held there until May 23rd. At that time permission was given to use the facilities at Grandview School. In June of 1973 the church incorporated within the State of Indiana. Harold Duffer, of Mooresville, became the church’s part-time pastor in July of 1973. He served that position until June 1975.


Pastor Larry Smith came to Lifeway as the first full-time pastor in June 1975 and the first services were held in the new building August 24, 1975. Three building programs have been completed since the first building was built. An addition was added on the original building in the spring 1978. In 1979 an additional seven acres was purchased and in 1981 the Sunday School building was completed.


In September 1983 Jerry Bell was called as Lifeway’s second pastor. Under his leadership the west wing of Lifeway was built which houses the church offices and two Sunday School classrooms.
On July 31, 1987 Lifeway called Jose Esquibel to be their third pastor. Pastor Esquibel led the church in the construction of the existing Fellowship Hall, which was completed in 1993.


In November of 1995, Kevin Albert answered the call to become the fourth pastor of Lifeway Baptist Church. Under Brother Kevin’s leadership the church grew in attendance each year. Kevin resigned as Pastor in January of 2012.

2012 - Present

In March of 2012, Pastor Steve Von Bokern accepted the role as Senior Pastor of Lifeway Baptist Church. He and his wife Melinda, with their seven children, faithfully serve the people of Lifeway and the surounding communities. The Lord is using them in a wonderful way to reach souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.