You’re invited to come join TeenLife here at Lifeway Baptist Church! We’re excited about this year, and I think you’ll enjoy what’s going on!

Who Are These People?

We’re all normal...well, at least as normal as you! It’s just that our lives have been changed by God, and He is a lot bigger than we are! So we desire to reach teens and help them experience that same life-changing relationship with God. If you don’t believe me, come ask me about it or just come visit us.

And What’s Up With that 'Tree-Leafy' Logo?

Well...we are all in the process of growing so our logo can represent the growth and change that we would love to see in the life of a teen here at Lifeway Baptist Church. Come join us as we learn from and about God. Come join us as we grow to look like Him!

What Are the Goals of TeenLife?

KNOW GOD – Our desire is to help teens learn and know more about the Great God that we have. We strive to do this through teaching and preaching God’s Word both in large groups as well as in individual discipleship. One critical focus of our time is learning ‘Who God Is’ and ‘What God Does’ in order to better know our wonderful Savior.

LOVE GOD – There must be more than simply a head knowledge of who God is. The Bible tells us who God is and what He does so that we can begin to build and grow in our relationship to Him. We desire to see teens develop a vibrant personal Relationship with God early in their lives.

SERVE GOD – Scripture and life clearly show us that a vibrant, personal relationship is going to have practical effects on a person’s life. We desire that teens would know God, love God, and therefore serve God with their lives. This would look like a life full of witness and a passion that comes from the Holy Spirit and time spent in the Word of God.

We meet as a group on Sunday morning at 9 am and Sunday evening at 5:00-6:15 pm, as well as monthly activities! If you have any questions, or need a ride please Let Us Know!


Pastor Tom & Ms. Sarah