Quieting A Noisy Soul

Hello members of Lifeway!

We are excited to be able to continue working our way through this study during these coming weeks. The Quieting A Noisy Soul study has been a blessing and encouragement already for our church members and it is particularly relevant and helpful during this time. Please take the next half hour to focus in and consider a Biblical approach to dealing with guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair.

The lesson PDF's have been sent to the church email list or they can be downloaded here: http://www.quietinganoisysoul.com/downloads/outlines-single-sheets.pdf

If this study has been a blessing or if you desire to speak with a pastor, please let us know!

Additional Free Resources from Jim Berg

Helpful Messages

-How to Quiet a Noisy Soul (MP3)
-Rejoicing in the Cross (MP3)
-God's Secret of Satisfaction (MP3)
-Getting Grace from God (MP3)

More Specific Help (Audio, PDF)

-Panic Attacks and Anxiety Issues
-Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Behavior
-Depression and Despair
-Anorexia and Bulimia
-Lust and Pornography



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