Acquiring Victory

Date: 07/13/14

Preacher: Dave Soto

Mike VanHorn

Date: 05/04/14

Preacher: Mike VanHorn

Ed Dunlop

Date: 11/03/13

Preacher: Ed Dunlop

The Harvest Is Here

Date: 08/28/13

Preacher: Ben Murray

Kevin Brosnan

Date: 08/11/13

Preacher: Kevin Brosnan

Two Things That Should Sicken Christians

Date: 07/28/13

Preacher: Wesley Adams

Bro Tracy Killinger

Date: 05/05/13

Preacher: Tracy Killinger

Faith Or Failure

Date: 02/17/13

Preacher: Chris Chavez

A Passion For The Gospel

Date: 02/17/13

Preacher: Chris Chavez

Ordinary Yet Greatly Extraordinary

Date: 01/13/13

Preacher: Tracy Killinger

MInd The Gaps

Date: 09/16/12

Preacher: Scott Pauley